General information

BritishEdu provides advice, guidance and support for students through the university admissions process.

Applying to Oxbridge and Russell Group universities
How does applying to Oxbridge and Russell Group universities differ from other universities?
What should students be aware of?

Admissions policies and processes
Why can it take so long to receive a decision?
A look at admissions policies and all possible behind-the scenes procedures.

A student’s perspective
What are students like when they first arrive at university?
What could they know beforehand that would make the transition easier for them as a student?

Student finance
An overview of the financial support available to students.

BritishEdu guides and supports UCAS applicants throughout the entire process. We offer professional consultation on selecting degree courses, completing the forms, writing personal statements and managing the subsequent decision making process. We also offer valuable assistance with preparation for interviews and additional admissions tests for Oxford, Cambridge, Medicine and other highly selective courses. We have many years of experience preparing students to enter top British universities including Oxford and Cambridge and Russell Group universities. Here the competition is fierce, and only students with an excellent academic record are encouraged to apply. BritishEdu helps students succeed in an Oxbridge application by providing expert advice on all the specific requirements, preparation and guidance throughout the application process, additional information, tests and interview training.

An application to Oxbridge is part of the UCAS application process to British universities. In addition, a sample of the student’s work is sent, and in most cases students need to do a subject-related assessment test, testing skills rather than previously learned knowledge.

The last stage of the selection, for those students who score very well on the previous stages of the application process, is the interview.

Only students who impress their interviewers are offered a conditional place.

We also offer additional support to students applying to other highly-competitive degrees such as Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Sciences and Law.

We have advised international students applying for British universities for many years. We will make sure you understand the structure of higher education in the UK and the range of different courses available in full detail. Our consultants will guide you through the entire application process, establishing the relevant international entry requirements or whether you need to complete a foundation course first, reviewing draft personal statements, assisting with your choices and liaising with your selected school as necessary.