Our Team

Dr. Magdalena Klimovicova
BritishEdu Director

  • Magdalena has some 15 years’ experience in the education consultancy field. She has advised a wide range of individual clients, covering a variety of educational industry sectors.
  • She has an MSc degree from the Charles University, Prague and PhD from Beijing University / Charles University. Prior to moving into consultancy, she had a career as an anthropologist at the Charles University.


Dr. Marketa Moore
BritishEdu Consultant (Hong Kong)

  • Marketa has more than 10 years’ experience working in higher education, teaching both undergraduate and graduate students at Hong Kong University, City University and the Chinese University of Hong Kong
  • Marketa completed her undergraduate studies in Beijing Language and Cultural University and her postgraduate studies at Charles University in Prague. She received her PhD in Sociology at Hong Kong University. Later on, she received an LLM in international human rights law and a MJ (Master in Journalism) at Hong Kong University.


Oliver Steindler
BritishEdu Consultant (China)

Oliver currently lives and studies two degrees in Beijing. One is in International business, the second one is in Chinese Medicine. Oliver spent 6 years in Asia: 2 years in Thailand on 90% scholarship at International British School of Regents and 4 years in China.