Why study in the UK?

Schools in Britain enable their students to gain a world-class education.

British education is world famous for inspiring students to develop both their knowledge and skills, offering the freedom to be imaginative and creative, and supporting them to achieve their best.

British schools, colleges, universities and English language centres all offer students a world-class education and training, giving them the chance to develop their knowledge and skills and obtain valuable qualifications that are respected both by employers and academics worldwide.

While taking a course in Britain, you will benefit from an excellent teaching and research environment. In order to accept students, all British education centres must meet high quality standards set by the British government and education authorities.

With their strong academic reputation, British universities and colleges attract some of the world’s leading academics and industry professionals. In this environment, you as a student will be encouraged to develop your own ideas and think for yourself, thereby ensuring you are better prepared for the challenges of your future career.

Attending an English language course will enable you to profit from teaching styles based on innovative techniques developed in Britain. The main emphasis is on learning English through having fun, engaging in communication and participation. Your classes will involve games, problem-solving and profound discussions, as well as listening to songs, watching films and reading articles – all this in order to practise your comprehension skills. In fact, it might not feel like work but more like a joyful experience!

British independent boarding schools offer young people excellent teaching standards, facilities and support. At British independent schools there are relatively few pupils to every one teacher, so tutors have more time and capacity to give their students all the individual support they need. It is due to this high-quality educational standard that 91% of students from British independent schools go on to study at university. (Independent Schools Council Census 2012).